Market info

Day: Tuesdays, Rain or Shine

Time: 3pm to7pm

Where: Dundas & Shaw, north west end of the park.

Date: May 8th to October 30st, 2018

Access: Foot, bicycle, TTC.  

If arriving by vehicle, please do not park in the pyloned area - it is reserved for vendors.

Remember to bring your own reuseable shopping bags.  Participate in our free LEAVE/TAKE A BAG program. Donate your clean, reuseable shopping bags for someone to take if they forget, if you forget yours, take one.  We will only accept bags clean of pet and food residue - consideration of our allergen friends.


Pets must be on leash in the market area re: public health rules and it's an on-leash area of park.

No smoking in the market area.  That's hooch / tabac / vaping ;-)  

Walk your bicycle while passing through or ride way around stall/patron area.  If you are shopping, refrain from taking your bike up to a stall. It's unsafe for other patrons and clogs up the passage way.  Lean your bike against a mature tree or lie it down in the shade of the canopy and lock - it'll be fine. Safety and consideration first!  Read the Dandy Horse Magazine  and their polite peddler article to guide you and your bike at farmers' markets.

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Please, click on each date to your left, to discover details of that particular market day. Note:on occasion the schedule is subject to last minute unforeseen changes beyond our control. 

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